While studying a new shrinking spell, a wizard receives a package from an old friend, but doesn’t adhere to the warning attached.


Conjuror's Eye is a magical VR puzzle game where you play as a wizard who receives a package from an old friend, but doesn’t adhere to the warning attached. As a result, you get sucked into a constantly shrinking enchanted artifact. Inside, scattered magic puzzles must be solved before the room collapses. Using a newly learned scaling spell, you are able to shrink and expand objects at a distance. After managing to solve these puzzles, another artifact awaits, leading to a deeper dimension of itself, with more puzzles to solve. Will you survive?

Conjuror's Eye is Escality's first shipped title, released on March 14, 2018.


  • Room-scale VR, compatible with SteamVR
  • Supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • Become trapped in a magical relic
  • Learn a scaling spell to resize objects in the environment
  • Solve various thought-provoking puzzles in VR
  • Immerse yourself in a mystical and otherworldly atmosphere
  • Race against time to escape collapsing rooms


"What an aesthetically pleasing experience."
    — Jeff, Viveport Reviews
"Simple, short, fun. Worth the price. I love it."
    — extraes, Steam Reviews
"Neat little puzzle escape room experience."
    — FastLawyer, Steam Reviews





Ludum Dare
This game was originally designed during a 72-hour game jam! See the prototype version here:

About Escality, LLC

Escality is a XR development studio that creates highly customized and interactive VR/AR applications. Our mission is to use these mediums to give people new ways of experiencing the world.
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Alvin Vuong
Producer, Developer
Eric Qu
Lead Developer
Nickon Mir
Lead Designer, 3D Artist
Justin Ma
Designer, 2D Artist
Kay Niu
3D/Texture Artist
Steven Guan
SFX, Developer
David Feng